The Coastal Poor Development Action Network (COPDANET in short)  was born in 1998 to work for a better coastal ecosystem and serve as a watchdog for thousands of vulnerable coastal poor.

COPDANET has a network of grass roots peoples organizations and environmental NGOs in the east coast of India between Orissa and Kanyakumari.

It is used to strives for a better costal ecosystem and enable the millions of coastal poor for sustainable livelihood.

Copdanet was registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1991of 27of 1975 with FCRA Code no 07900579 under the ministry of Home Affairs, Federal Government New Delhi.

With Climate Change, Global Warming, Earth Quakes, Tsunami threats, etc COPDANET serves to conserve mangroves to protect people of India, and giving awareness of vulnerable Costal Poor the EMR (Eco Mangrove Restoration) while regenerating mangroves in the Bay of Bengal region.


COPDANET - Coastal Poor Development Action Network India
No.85, Vivekananda School Street, Sakthivel Nagar,Chennai - 600 082, INDIA.
Phone: 91 44 26710368 91 44 26710368  Telefax: 91 44 26712150 Email: